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The mission of the South Side Community Economic Development Center is to build community capacity through a holistic and cooperative approach to financial education and economic development.

The South Side Community Economic Development Center (“The Center” or “SSCEDC”) was organized in 2006 as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes. It was established to advance community economic development on Chicago’s south side. The Center’s specific purposes are:

• To research the financial, economic and educational needs of low income individuals, families and organizations;
• To design, develop and/or facilitate services, programs and/or products that alleviate poverty;
• To provide financial education, counseling and training to low income individuals and families with a particular focus on activities that:

1.  Increase basic financial literacy among residents
2. Aid in the formation and maintenance of local micro-enterprises, small businesses and community organizations;
3. Offer home ownership education programming and counseling to low-and moderate income individuals seeking to purchase and/or maintain a home;
4. Help to develop other assets, investments and ownership opportunities for LMI individuals.
5. Engage and strengthen other community economic development organizations through partnerships, networking, training, technical assistance, access to capital, urban planning and public policy.


South Side Community Economic Development Center
“Building Community Capacity through Partnerships”
5401 S Wentworth Street,  Suite 25, Chicago, IL 60609

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South Side Community Federal Credit Union

5401 S. Wentworth Avenue Suite 25
Chicago, IL 60609

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